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Collaborations / Summary


As a major French player in the HPC field, CEA and especially its DAM Ile-de-France centre of expertise are taking part in projects of System@tic competitiveness cluster and of the 7th Framework Program for Research and Development ( FP7) of the European Union.

National Projects  

  • DataScale :
    DataScale project main mission is to develop synergies between Big Data and HPC, and more specifically to develop Big Data technological building blocks that will enrich the HPC ecosystem.

  • La Maison de la Simulation :
    "La Maison de la Simulation" is a project involving five partners (CEA, CNRS, INRIA, Orsay University and University of Versailles - St Quentin), which is meant to motivate, support and stimulate the scientific communities to make the best usage of supercomputers, especially those deployed as part as GENCI and PRACE European project.

Maison de la Simulation

European projects

  • SAGE : Percipient StorAGE for Exascale Data Centric Computing.
  • The StorAGe for Exascale Data Centric Computing (SAGE) system, researched and built as part of the SAGE project, aims to implement a Big Data/Extreme Computing (BDEC) and High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) capable infrastructure suitable for Extreme scales - including Exascale and beyond.
    Increasingly, overlaps occur between Big Data Analysis and High Performance Computing (HPC), caused by the proliferation of massive data sources, such as large, dispersed scientific instruments, sensors, and social media data, whose data needs to be processed, analysed and integrated into computational simulations to derive scientific and innovative insights.

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  • H4H - PERFCLOUD : Performance for Cloud.
  • Cooperative research and development project to provide a new generation of HPC system able to boost the industrial and scientific applications running on hybrid architectures.

    - Leaflet H4H

    - Read more about H4H and Perfcloud project on Teratec site.

  • PRACE : Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe
    Pan-European HPC infrastructure.

    French tier-0 CURIE supercomputer, funded by GENCI and partly devoted to PRACE, is hosted by CEA at TGCC.
    CEA also participates to “PRACE Implementation Phase” FP7 projects, which support PRACE deployment.

International collaboration

  • DOE/NNSA : CEA/DAM/DIF has also strong relations with its sister labs in the HPC field.


Joint laboratories