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Collaborations / Past projects

Past projects

International Projects  

  • SAGE : Percipient StorAGE for Exascale Data Centric Computing.
  • The StorAGe for Exascale Data Centric Computing (SAGE) system, researched and built as part of the SAGE project, aims to implement a Big Data/Extreme Computing (BDEC) and High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) capable infrastructure suitable for Extreme scales - including Exascale and beyond.
    Increasingly, overlaps occur between Big Data Analysis and High Performance Computing (HPC), caused by the proliferation of massive data sources, such as large, dispersed scientific instruments, sensors, and social media data, whose data needs to be processed, analysed and integrated into computational simulations to derive scientific and innovative insights.

National Projects  

  • COOL-IT :
    The project goal is to minimize the energy cost for computer center cooling. The focus will be decision-making software tools, relying on  power consumption monitoring and job scheduling and placement.

A project of

  • OpenGPU :
    The project is building a French and European R&D network of partners in hybrid computing architectures, from technology and software providers to academic and industrial users.

A project of

  • POPS :PetaOperations Per Second
    Servers for very high performance computing and related applications.
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