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The Curie supercomputer, owned by GENCI and operated into the TGCC by CEA, is the first French Tier0 system open to scientists through the French participation into the PRACE research infrastructure.

Curie is offering 3 different fractions of x86-64 computing resources for addressing a wide range of scientific challenges and offering an aggregate peak performance of 2 PetaFlops.


Curie Fat nodes specifications

    • 360 S6010 bullx nodes
      For each node: 4 eight-core x86-64 CPUs, 128 GB of memory, 1 local disk of 2TB
    • 105 teraflops peak

S6010 Node

    • 1440 eight-core processors, Intel ® Nehalem-EX X7560 @ 2.26 GHz
      total of 11 520 cores

      In mid 2012, a conversion of this configuration into 90 super nodes of 128 cores with 512 GB of memory each is expected. This will rely on a specific Bull Coherent Switch (BCS) grouping nodes 4 by 4.

      These ‘fat’ nodes are targeted for hybrid parallel codes (MPI OpenMP) requiring large memory and / or multithreading capacity, and pre and post processing tasks.

Curie hybrid nodes specifications

    Machine (summer 2011)
    • 16 bullx B chassis with 9 hybrid GPUs B505 blades 2 Intel® Westmere® 2.66 GHz/ 2 Nvidia M2090 T20A, total of 288 Intel® + 288 Nvidia processors.
    • +192 teraflops peak.

Hybrid nodes

Curie Thin nodes specifications

    • 5040 B510 bullx nodes
      For each node: 2 eight-core Intel® processors Sandy Bridge EP (E5-2680) 2.7 GHz, 64 GB, 1 local SSD disk.

Thin nodes

    • 10080 eight-core processors, Intel® Xeon® Next Generation, total of 80640 cores.

      Thoses nodes are targeted for MPI parallel codes.

Global specifications

    Interconnection Network
    • InfiniBand QDR Full Fat Tree network
    Global file system
    • 5 PB of disks (100 GB/s bandwith), 10 PB of tapes, 1 PB of disk cache
    • Mostly from open source community (Linux, LUSTRE, SLURM...)
    • Bull/CEA software : Shine, ClusterShell, Ganesha, Robinhood

Curie Phases 1 and 2 functional diagram