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TGCC Storage and system




An infrastructure for French PRACE petascale supercomputer

This new center has been designed according to a data-centric architecture.

Hierarchical data storage system will manage more than 10 PB of data : a global Lustre file system has been installed using DDN controllers and will be implementing automatic migration to IBM/HPSS Hierachical Storage Manager.

Curie uses "Lustre routers" to access the global Lustre file system through an infiniband network with a bandwidth of 200GB/s.

STK SL8500



Curie computing nodes are connected to the private LUSTRE storage system for very fast I/O.

The global GL-TGCC storage subsystem is used for data storage, handling and post-processing and the ST-TGCC subsystem is used for long term storage and archiving of the results.

The data transfer between the storage system GL-TGCC and the archiving system ST-TGCC is automatic.