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Computing centers / Summary


Outstanding computing resources

The CEA scientific computing complex, located on the site at Bruyères-le-Châtel, is one of the most high-powered computing complexes in Europe with a peak computing power greater than 350 teraflops in 2009. It is composed of the Tera computing center, dedicated to defence applications, and the Research and Technology Computing Center (CCRT) open to partnerships with industry and the research community.

A centre for skills and technological experimentation will be added to these operational computing centers and provide indispensable research and development expertise for mastering the complexity of these large computing infrastructures.

The computing complex thus created will be part of a broader dynamic, putting in place an “ecosystem” surrounding high-performance computing. This dynamic will be further enhanced by the inception, on the initiative of the CEA, of the Ter@tec structure which today brings together more than 50 partners from the industrial and academic environments.

In the coming years, the computing complex will evolve within the structures planned to receive the Very Large Computing Centre (Très grand centre de calcul - TGCC), heading for a European future…