The Shared Defense Computing Centre (CCMD, Centre de Calcul Mutualisé de Défense) is a new component of the CEA scientific computing complex located on the Bruyères-le-Châtel site (DAM-Île de France Centre). Built on an industrial partnership model between the CEA and other national defense players, the CCMD has been in service since 2022 and makes it possible to meet the demands of partners with computing needs in a classified defense environment.
Based on the same components as those implemented in the EXA1 exascale class machine, the calculator includes 768 AMD EPYC Milan processors, for a total of 49,152 cores offering a computing power of approximately 2 petaflops.
This new computing centre benefits from the expertise acquired by the Department of Simulation and Information Sciences (CEA/DAM/DSSI) over many years in the other computing centres of the Dam-Île-de-France centre.

CCMD supercomputer, Bruyères-le-Châtel. © CEA
BullSequana XH2000, AMD Milan, BXI V2