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June 19, 2024
A first advanced quantum computer delivered to the TGCC by Pasqal

A quantum processing unit (QPU) with more than 100 qubits, acquired by GENCI (Grand équipement national de calcul intensif), as part of the EuroHPC HPCQS and French HQI projects, has been delivered to the CEA's Très Grand Centre de calcul by Pasqal,...

This is the first QPU designed and delivered to a third party by Pasqal, the world leader in neutral atom quantum computing. It will be connectedto GENCI’s Joliot-Curie supercomputer, then to EuroHPC’s Alice Recoque exacale supercomputer, allowing Europe to make significant progress in hybrid HPC-Quantum computing.

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ISC 24, May 12-16 2024, Hambourg

Teratec 24, May 28-30 2024, Parc floral, Paris

CEA DIF mobilised for HPC, AI and quantum computing

CEA/DAM teams took part in “ISC High Performance 2024” in Hamburg (Germany), as well as in the Teratec forum in Paris, to present CEA DAM know-how and activities in High-Performance Computing and Quantum Computing, opportunities for partnerships with CEA's Very Large Computing Center (TGCC) as well as CCRT (Centre de Calcul Recherche et Technologie), and to meet the entire scientific and industrial community in these areas, where AI is becoming a major trend.